Verge Technical Demo (1999)

   This is the first technical demo of my game engine in OpenGL.
   There are some nice looking visual features:
   - dynamic lighting with many light sources,
   - per-pixel specular lighting and environment mapping,
   - particle system.
   This demo was used by Elsa for promoting Victory Erazor,
   a Riva 128-based graphic accelerator.


  Starmageddon / Project Earth (2002)

   This is the first game based on my game engine.
   Apart from other things, environment mapped bump mapping
   and vapor trails were added.


  P2 Technical Demo (2003)

   This is the technical demo of cancelled P2 game.
   Main modification of the engine is a change of graphics API
   to DirectX 9.


  Wings of Honour (2003)

   I added some new visual features to this game, namely
   Chunked LOD (CLOD) terrain and a forest rendering system.
   Vertex Shaders were used to make a particle system, vapor trails
   and water rendering more efficient.
   Hardware stencil shadows were added.

  The Chickenator (2003)

  World War II: Pacific Heroes (2004)


  Project Freedom / Space Interceptor (2004)

   The engine used in this game supports HLSL Shaders.
   Shaders were utilized to do some visual effects like a force shield,
   lava, bloom and an advanced particle system.
   New CLOD terrain was mapped using a color map and two
   detail maps (horizontal and vertical details).
   The terrain could also be lit by some dynamic point lights.

  Terrorist Takedown (2004)

  Battlestrike: The Road to Berlin (2005)

  Terrorist Takedown: Payback (2005)

  Battlestrike: The Siege (2005)


  Jet Storm: Modern Dogfights / Jetfighter 2015 (2005)

   The engine is integrated with Open Dynamics Engine (ODE).
   Other features I added follow below:
   - normal and gloss maps,
   - some new shader effects like heat shimmer,
   - brand-new HDR global illumination lighting model,
   - new efficient tree and grass rendering system,
   - new realistic water with HDR Fresnel reflection and refraction.

  Combat Wings (2005)

  Wings of Honour: Battles of the Red Baron (2006)

  Combat Wings: Battle of Britain (2006)


  World War II: Pacific Heroes 2 (2006)

   I made a special toolset (NetPack) to convert this game from full
   CD version into 20 MB downloadable Internet version.
   The Internet version contains all data and levels included in full
   version with the exception of movies. Music, sounds, speech,
   textures, images and 3D models are lossy compressed.


  Reef Shot (2012)

   Full specification of the engine can be found here.